Founder & Head Brewer - Dea Suyosa

Founder & Head Brewer - Dea Suyosa

Dea Suyosa
It isn't usual when a woman leads the entire Microbrewery, doing all the heavy lifting and single-handedly crafted the Jade's Temple Beers. 

Our Brewery story began in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, wherein the founder, Dea Suyosa, crafted the first two craft beers using Jade's Temple Signature Malt, Roasted Marshmallows, Sea Salt & Caramelized Sugar (Toasted Mallows & Salted Caramel) using her brewing experience and from time to time challenging herself to uniquely craft beers tailor-fitting to the country's taste and culture, giving birth to the OG Collection.

From being born with the passion of brewing to becoming Jade's Temple Corporation, the team made its first appearance at The Tasting Club's Holiday Fair at Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Makati City introducing the first ever Festive Lagers that became the talk-of-the-town.


Approaching the Summer of 2022, due to the outstanding support given by the Jade's Temple Community, the team was able to expand to having its very own Microbrewery that eventually gained access to local bars & restaurants.
Today, the Microbrewery weekly brews the craft beers in the menu which includes the Toasted Mallows, Salted Caramel, Mango, Cookie Dough, Peach Mango, Smoked Maple Bacon, Black Forest & The Malt Forward Lager.


From time to time, the Microbrewery announces events & seasonal crafts to be released, join the Jade's Temple Community and be part of the Golden Experience!
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