Jade's Temple Microbrewery

Located at the heart of Metro Manila, the Microbrewery is strategically located to bring the best experience, may it be for a partnered bar, wherein delivery and last minute requests are more conveniently fulfilled or to whoever wishes to escape the night during the week. Traditionally, the Philippines is known for its Agriculture & Tourism industry wherein the corporation exemplifies its qualities bringing an elevated experience through its All Natural Ingredients & No Enhancers values tailor-fitted to the taste of our country's culture. Uniqueness Leading the team, is Jade's Temple Corporation, Founder & Head Brewer, Dea Suyosa, a businesswoman well equipped with her international experience in brewing. "I will always be a student of the art of brewing as we continue to innovate and grow, passing the knowledge on and from time to time, challenging the ingenuity and crafts of our local Filipino workers to seasonally create unique craft beers."

New Generation

Being a new player in the industry, the team has always shared on how thankful they are to the other Filipino-owned corporations that set the bar high and became well respected globally which inspired the founding members to build a new rail-road for the next generation. Being unique in its crafts, Jade's Temple is the first and only Microbrewery that sells these kinds of crafts in the market. Jade's Temple is the symbolism of the crystal Jade, that shines through the night with its amicable crafts that act as an escape from the city lights.

Exciting Craft

The Microbrewery is known for its unique ability to craft exciting beers, as their first appearance publicly was made during The Tasting Club's Holiday Fair at Rockwell Powerplant Mall, the team prepared the first ever Christmas Holiday Craft Beers. It was the talk-of-the-town during the Holidays last 2021 with the Apple Cinnamon Beer, Peppermint Mocha Beer & Pumpkin Spice as the centerpiece of the featured articles for the season. Due to the season's success, the team was able to grow the company and gained access to local bars & pubs in the Metro.

Elevated Experience

The Microbrewery is currently brewing for selected partners, events & is readily available for Same Day Delivery within Metro Manila. The vision is to continue crafting beers, elevating experiences for both its team members & the community. As the future of Craft Beers is bright when we have team members who excels in providing a great representation of the craftsmanship & innovation of the Filipino People. Jade's Temple is just minutes away from everyone in the capital.