Introducing the Malt-Forward Lager at McLaren’s Pub, San Juan

Introducing the Malt-Forward Lager at McLaren’s Pub, San Juan

Wilson Street, San Juan City - May 29,2022 - Jade’s Temple Brewery, known for its commitment to exceptional quality and innovative flavors, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Draft Lager at McLaren’s Pub, a beloved establishment in the heart of San Juan City. Everyone can now experience the crisp and refreshing taste of the ‘Malt Forward Lager’ exclusively at McLaren’s Pub. 

The Brewery has garnered a reputation for its dedication to craftsmanship and pushing the boundaries of flavor in the Craft Beer industry. With a commitment to using only finest and all natural ingredients, employing traditional brewing techniques, the Lady Brewer, Dea, has crafted an extraordinary unique variety of beers that captivate the senses and deliver an elevated drinking experience.


McLaren’s Pub, known for its vibrant, homey atmosphere and commitment to serving exceptional beverages, has recognized the quality and distinctiveness of Jade’s Temple Brewery’s Malt-Forward Lager. As one of the premier establishments in Metro Manila Pub Scene, the local Pub is proud to feature this new addition as their Draft Beer offering. 

The Malt-Forwad Lager is a testament to the brewery’s pursuit of excellence. This meticulously crafted lager combines a clean, crisp base with a subtle fruity distinction, resulting in a well-balanced and highly refreshing beer that is perfect for any occasion. The smooth and clean finish of the Malt-Forward Lager is sure to leave a lasting impression to everyone alike. 

“We are thankful to Mr. Marvin for giving us an avenue to showcase our locally crafted beer, and we are incredibly blessed to partner with McLaren’s Pub as we grew up drinking here.”  said Justin Filamor, Co-Founder and President of Jade’s Temple Brewery. “Our Draft Lager embodies the dedication and craftsmanship we pour into every brew. We are excited for the community of McLaren’s Pub to experience the distinct flavors and quality that Jade’s Temple Brewery is known for.” 

Jade’s Temple Brewery invites everyone to visit McLaren’s Pub and savor the unique crafts as well as the exclusive Tap for the Malt-Forward Lager on Draft. Enjoy a pint of this unique brew and welcoming ambiance of McLaren’s Pub, where the love for great beer and good times unite. 


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